Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In - the scale - weight loss tool or pure evil?

So, since I am just getting into this tonight when I get home I will be doing my first weigh-in. I know kind of where I was a week or so ago, but tonight's number will be my baseline going forward. I am also going to take some basic measurements tonight. Sometimes, when the scale just isn't moving those measurements can be a good motivational tool. Those I probably need to take every month....not weekly so much.

So, I go back and forth between hating to weigh in and weighing ever single day. Seems to me a happy medium must be struck. So I will just do it more and NO LESS! See when I start working out I seem to think that the weight will just fall right off of me like melting doesn't seem to work that way though in my experience. When I do weigh in daily there are days that appear to be GREAT and days that one glass of water sends me skyrocketing up a couple pounds. The "false" gains and losses can be maddening. A week seems like a good timeline to at least get the ups and downs and use what you find as a tool. You may occasionally get a bad weigh-in. That is what I need to learn to work past. One bad weigh-in does NOT constitute failure.

So, tonight. Me vs. the scale. Maybe this time he and I can be friends...or at least like each other enough to smile and nod when passing each other in the hallway (aka: Bathroom).

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