Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm baaaaaaack...

Well, I have been inspired by a friend of mine that is blogging about her weight journey. Those that know me, should know that I am a huge advocate or journaling. It heals the soul I think and keeps you motivated and focused. I do journal nearly daily, but don't want to fixate in there about my weight loss struggles (more than I already do). So, I was going to start over with a new blog and remembered this one. I like it and like the title of I thought I'd just resurrect this one. It helps me to have a topic to write on and I like the way I had this one formatted. Therefore, I will do that. I know I don't have many "readers" and I am okay with that. I may at some point go more "public" with it, but for now I just people I know and trust to read this.

For my reference here are my daily topics...

Manic Monday - recap of the weekend. Get focused
Accountability Tuesday - the good the bad and the ugly. Time to fess up.
Weekly Weigh-in Wednesday - You may not see the numbers, but I'll give the ups or downs or talk
Thursday Thoughts - Random thoughts or a weight loss/exercise topic I feel like expounding on.
Photo Friday - Sum up the week with a photo.
Weekend Warrior - If I am feeling extra motivated or have any other thoughts.

Anyway, so here I am. I'm back. Currently I am doing a nutrition plan developed by my nutritionist. As far as fitness, I started today Turbo Jam (a program I had from year's ago). I want to do P90X which I have and have started, but it is proving to be a HUGE challenge and I enjoy the cardio stuff much more. I am using 1 month of Turbo Jam in preparation for P90X and want to start P90X after Labor Day and finish by mid-December. That will be my Christmas gift to me. Meeting my goals.

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