Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Accountability Tuesday - Do or do not - there is no try.

Well since I just fessed up about what my plan is I don't have much to report this week as far as accountability. I started Turbo Jam last night and will be going home to do night two tonight. One thing I noticed that I do a lot of is saying, "I'm planning on _______". I was thinking about that and I've decided in order for me to be successful I need to QUIT planning and start doing. So for the next week I am not going to "Plan" to do anything. In the words of Yoda, "Do or do not, there is no try". He was a smart little green guy.

So, this week I will complete the following goals:
1. Keep a food journal - every day. I can't expect to succeed if I don't know exactly what I am eating.
2. Think long and hard before I eat anything that is not on my plan and make it a conscience decision - not a random choice. Make the appropriate adjustments.
3. Make a plan for camping this weekend. The food issue is SOMEWHAT out of my hands - but I can control portions and take some fruit etc. with me to make sure I stay on track as best I can - offset any fall backs with a walk or a swim.
4. Get it all of my workouts and complete week one of Turbo Jam.

Now, if only I can convince my stomach that it just had lunch and doesn't need anything else to eat. Ugh! I hate days where I feel like that. I need to stick it out until it's afternoon snack time! (And maybe have that a little early!)

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