Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weekly Weigh In - April 22

Well, my first 12-weeks of the program are officially up. Now for the grand tally...I have lost 28 lbs. and 6% body fat. NOT TO SHABBY! My reward...a new work out program - what else! For all your hard's some HARDER work. Just kidding. I am looking forward to it. Starting this week I am doing 5 weight workouts per week and at LEAST 6 cardio. I know you are all SO jealous. The catch with the weights is that is is one body part per day so it should not take me as long...good right? Sure, but because my weights won't take as long I am expected to up my cardio. Phew....I am tired just thinking about it.

So now I am officially on my 2nd 12 week session. We set a goal of another 30 lbs and 8% more body fat. If I make that goal I will be in the acceptable range for body fat. AMAZING! I know I can do this. I can taste it...(Wait does that cost me calories???)....maybe I should just SMELL it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Like Clockwork

Well, it all started up again yesterday. It's amazing how I can actually forget what it feels like. My mom reminded me that every year for the past 2 years it starts right around the 15-16. The 16th is when I started getting sick and it seems that my body does not want to let me forget it. It's not like I am in a full on depression my comes in other forms. I get crabby and FORGETFUL!!! That's my first clue is the forgetfulness. Yesterday I left the house sans lunch, purse AND sneakers (which I did not realize until I got to the gym and got changed). At that point I had pretty much had enough of everything and opted to go home and have some "me" time. I know I made the correct decision. I feel MUCH better today.

I am getting myself back on track here and as much as I'd like to eat chocolate and go home and curl up on the couch at the end of the day I am not going to do it. I am going to power through all of this and keep on my routine, because I know I can this year. I don't think I could have said that the past two years - so I guess that is progress.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekly Weigh In - Catching up

Okay, so I did not weigh in today (thank goodness)...but I have not posted after my last two. I am slacking I know. So the last two weeks resulted in a 2 pound loss and then a 1.5 pound loss. I am sitting right at 29.5 pounds lost. I was hoping that this week I would hit 30, but I have a feeling Easter may have different plans in store for me. I did really good up until Friday. Decided to take a little break on Saturday and then started getting back on track on Sunday (notice I said STARTED!). Regardless, today I am back baby.

It reminds me of what a previous Weight Watchers leader once said. "It's a holiDAY...not a holiWEEK." But it was HOLY week which could be mistaken for holiWEEK....I digress. I really only had about 1.5 days "off track", but my off track now is a LOT different than previous off track. I used to get off track and head straight for a derailment. Not this time. Full focus starts again today.

Still heading into a very emotional time of year (see Baby on Your Six blog). I have been okay so far, but feel like I am waiting for that major breakdown. It's almost starting to feel weird that it hasn't come yet. I guess that is a good thing. Not that this makes a whole lot of sense to anyone but me (or those that have been there), but sometimes me NOT being upset makes me MORE upset. Ugh! I can't win. But, I am doing this without meds this year and feeling better about myself overall. Hopefully the exercise will continue to be my way to get my emotions out.