Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Accountability Tuesday - Making a list and checking it twice

Please note: yes, 3 postings came up today. Friday, Monday and Today. I was posting them incorrectly. It's all fixed now.

So below is my list from last week - notes on how I did are in red.

1. Keep a food journal - every day. I can't expect to succeed if I don't know exactly what I am eating. Not great. I made good choices and measured portions, but didn't write it all down. Journaled 2 days. Needs Improvement.

2. Think long and hard before I eat anything that is not on my plan and make it a conscience decision - not a random choice. Make the appropriate adjustments. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give myself a 7 on this. I am definitely becoming more conscious. I would have previously given myself a 5 or below depending on the week, so I count this a success.

3. Make a plan for camping this weekend. The food issue is SOMEWHAT out of my hands - but I can control portions and take some fruit etc. with me to make sure I stay on track as best I can - offset any fall backs with a walk or a swim. My plan was to take produce and I did. I also got in some swimming and a couple walks. I think I did pretty well. S'mores are still evil. I would give myself 7/10 on this as well. Next time will be better.

4. Get it all of my workouts and complete week one of Turbo Jam I give myself a gold star in this. Got it all done. Woo hoo.

So for this week. Here are my goals.

1. Journal every day. Food journal and my other normal journal. This is very VERY important to this process. This will be a perma-goal.

2. Get all my workouts in. Complete week 2 of turbo jam and do at least one bonus workout on the weekend. Get up early and walk at least 2 mornings during the week.

3. Make a daily to-do list. I have heard this can be a very motivation tool. I would like to give in a try.

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