Friday, February 27, 2009

Weight Loss Secret Revealed???

Ok, so this story was in the LA Times this week (as well as highlighted elsewhere. Apparently a study was done that shows that it doesn't matter WHAT diet you do....the key is calories. *SMACKS HEAD* I was pretty sure, maybe I am wrong, but I thought THAT was a fundamental of Weight Loss 101. Calories in needs to be LESS than calories out in order for you to loose weight. Well now we have a study to PROVE this.

While, it doesn't matter what "diet" you do, I have always thought it was important that you do something that has longevity. I mean come on....are you really going to eat cabbage soup every day for the rest of your about no carbs?...How long can you just eat meat, cheese and eggs before you want to puke? A "diet" that isn't something you can imagine yourself doing NEARLY every day is not going to work. Sure you may loose 25 lbs., but I bet you gain back 30 of it. It is becoming apparent to me that this whole weight loss thing is not a quick need to change your life...and as this new revolutionary study shows us you need to eat less calories!

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  1. Aha!

    How funny they did a big study to figure out what everyone knew all along.

    I'm proud of you for staying with your weight loss journey. I've hit a wall when I am kind of sick of the whole thing. You motivate me!

    Thanks for your comments on Stepping Stones

    peace- emily