Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hitting a diet wall

Anyone that has ever been on a diet knows what it is like when you hit a wall. I think it comes it 2 forms. Either a weight loss plateau or when your old habits seem to want to take over. Right now I am just not quite feeling it. I've been HERE time and time again and this time I am not going to let it take over.

I picture it as an internal battle. It's like your bad habits know that you are trying to get rid of them and they are trying their hardest to stick around. Meanwhile your NEW habits are trying to mark their territory and conquer the bad habits.

HERE'S the difference. Every other time I have let the bad habits creep started slowly, but sure enough they crept back. This time I am committed to realizing this is happening and fighting it. I am guessing it should only take a week or so until the funk goes away. I KNOW this to shall pass!

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