Thursday, February 12, 2009


I have done Weight Watchers more times than I care to count. It works, then I figure out how to milk the system and eventually just give up. Last year I tried meeting with a nutritionist. That worked to for a while, but she had me making some very drastic changes and it got to be a little too much. After a LONG discussion with my husband I am trying a new program that is run through our gym. It is called Body Lift. The program is both nutritional counseling as well as teaching me how to work out. It is a 12 week program (which I can then repeat).

So far so good. I am entering into my 4th week and I have made up my mind that I am doing this. I don't know what happened but something in me snapped. I feel motivated and focused. I have already had 2 weekends that were out of the norm for me and I survived those both. Usually those type of weekends can derail my efforts completely. Officially on the program I have lost 8 lbs (2, 1, 5 each week). Really, since my initial consultation I am down 10 lbs. I am feeling great. I am going to the gym regularly. Perhaps and alien has taken over my body. I think it has more to do with the fact that I am starring down 30 and have decided enough is enough.

I am going to use this blog to journal my successes, struggles, and anything else that I feel like talking about along the way. It's the good, bad and UGLY of weight loss.

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  1. Good for you! I'm here to cheer you on. I know what you mean.. after the first of the year I gave up sugar and soda. When I reach for a cookie I tell myself "So, are you going to be fat or what" because I need to do this- for me. I want to be healthy, I want to feel good. I wish I could say I've lost weight but I haven't lost much.

    You go, girl! ;0)