Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weekly Weigh In March 23

Well, due to some scheduling conflicts etc. I had to reschedule my normal Tuesday meeting with my trainer and meet him on Monday. I weighed in last night and was down another pound. Good news. The "bad" news...he think we need to "mix it up and shock my body" so that we really get it moving again. I am 99% on board to (I'll get to the other 1% soon). I was actually right on the same page as him. In fact last week I *drumroll please* started running. A word I never acutally thought I would say. I thought running was worse than those 4-letter words. Anyway, he told me last night that he was actually going to broach the "R" word with me and was thrilled I had already started. I am his star pupil (he told me so and I will give you his number to confirm if you don't believe me!!! :-) It's....okay just kidding). So this week coming up is all about shaking things up.

As for the 1% that I am not quite on board with....he wants me to try one morning a week (for now) getting up early and doing my cardio in the morning. Ummm....yeah. That means I would need to get up by 5:15 - get to the gym by 5:30 - back home by 6:25 - eat, shower and leave for work. Here's the thing...I am SO not a morning person (ask my husband - I will give you HIS number to). I am just not. But I am going to try it. Tomorrow morning in fact. All because I have a March of Dimes meeting tomorrow night....so me getting up early is for a good cause - Right? RIGHT!? More tomorrow on how it goes. Wish me luck!



  2. you are doing amazing--congrats on the weightloss. i lost a lot of weight 5 years ago and have managed to keep every pound of it off for the first time in forever. i have always lost the weight and then put it and some more back on within 2 years.

    good luck to you.