Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday Thoughts - Mostly non-weight/diet related

I am becoming darn near obsessed with the scale and making sure it's moving. This tends to be NOT good. I think about it a lot anyway...I just don't need to think of it non-stop. So here are my thoughts today and I am keeping it non-weight/diet related...

1. I am so ready for a nice 3-day weekend and some time away. Hoping it gives me so time to not worry about everything.
2. I often wished we owned instead of renting - that was until today when I found out they need to replace our A/C unit and I found out how much one of those things cost. OUCH! Glad it's not my expense for once :-)
3. We are currently working reduced hours at work (not working Fridays and NOT getting paid). It sucks for sure, but with some careful budgeting and planning I have made it work just fine and I have to say, there could be worse things that Fridays off during the summer. Look, if nothing else I am trying to stay somewhat positive about all of this. With Josh laid off and me on reduced hours/pay we have gotten to spend more time together and I am having a lot of fun with him. We are finding free or very low cost ways to entertain ourselves.
4. My goal for the week is to be more positive in general. I am surrounded by some very negative people in my professional life and I am sick of it quite frankly. I figure if I try to be more positive *see #3* maybe I can give off positive vibes and not have so much negativity in my life.

That's all! :-)

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